My work researches liminal moments between hope and survival, between human advancement and environmental degradation. Originally spurred by a deadly earthquake in my hometown of Otautahi, New Zealand, in 2011, I found our need to continue building upon the same lands, utilizing the same techniques, believing in systems long outdated, failed to address how humankind adapts and coexists with the environment.

 Looking at the evidence of remains, and of new beginnings, I am intrigued by the irrevocable shift in one’s sense of self in relation to place that occurs after the illusion of stability ceases to exist.  In these moments, our environment can become both threatened and threatening. Mentally cataloging the beauty of our pioneering that I see, and afraid of the consequences by entrusting so much in our current systems of belief.

As a mixed media artist, I record these experiences by taking Polaroid and digital images, and construct sculptures of found, natural and manmade materials, that expose the extent of the environmental crisis our planet is experiencing.

My work seeks to reveal the fleeting and fragile environment we inhabit, and our existence on this planet, which is tied to a naïve trust of manmade systems. These systems that ensure our survival, yet may end up being our demise.